Fathom Ideaware is a software development company based in Dallas,TX.

We are ideators, software advisors, project executors and technology enablers. In short, we are a full stack software development company. We develop large scale software solutions that comprise of web applications and mobile applications. We develop stand alone mobile and web application too. We excel at taking a core concept, expand its executable value several fold via extensive ideation to create a robust and a highly effective product definition. We then follow it up with a top notch execution involving extensive user interface/experience design and a very robust and methodical software development process resulting in a mature, scalable product developed with cutting edge technology that maximizes user engagement, scalability and shelf life. As a result, we are not an assembly line. To us, each project is as if we’re building a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. We have offices in Dallas and in India and comprise of highly motivated individuals passionate about what they do.

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We have an amazing knack of seeing what an idea is truly capable of. This ability is beyond software development. We have the capability to take a core idea and expand several fold.

Startup Enabling and Strategy

We have been working with a lot of startups and we know all the hoops of the game. We help startups evolve strategies for growth and scalability, establish road maps, set up bench marks and help plan an optimal time to market.

Large Scale Software Development

We are very experienced at building end to end large scale platforms capable of supporting thousands of users and millions of transactions. Our implementations encompass all modes of data presentation, be it web, mobile or conventional client server setups.

Extending the Enterprise

Remember we are in the 21st century? Yes, there is a pretty big gap between what enterprise systems offer and what is expected of them currently. We know exactly, how to fill that gap and bring the enterprise system to the user instead of the other way round.

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